Binocular Highlights 2nd Edition Now Available

Cover cropSky&Telescope has just released a new, slightly expanded edition of my book, Binocular Highlights. The original had been out for ten years and sold very well, so instead of simply doing another print run, they opted for a new edition. I was happy to help out and select ten new “highlights” for inclusion.

CoverFor those unfamiliar with Binocular Highlights, at its heart it’s a guided tour of the night sky that takes in the best and brightest sights for ordinary binoculars. Each of the 109 essays includes a detailed finderchart that shows how to locate the objects described in the accompanying text. It’s a simple, but very effective format. There is also an introductory chapter offering advice on how to choose and use binoculars for stargazing. The book is 7-by-9-inches and spiral bound.

Illustration shows part of the two-page spread. Each "highlight" includes a finderchart plus write-up.
Illustration shows part of the two-page spread. Each “highlight” is accompanied by a detailed finderchart. (Click on the image for a larger version.)

Is the updated version worth getting if you already have the original? Probably not. The second edition includes ten new essays (describing an additional 18 objects), but is otherwise unchanged. I personally prefer the 2nd version because it includes several notable objects that didn’t make it into the first one—objects that felt like significant omissions to me. So now the book really does include all the finest sights visible in binoculars (and small telescopes!) from mid-northern latitudes. Plus, being a second edition, we were able to correct a couple of minor errors that appeared in the original.

Overall, I’m very pleased with this new version of Binocular Highlights. I hope you will be too.

You can purchase the book from S&T directly, or