Postcards from Kobau

Kobau sunset

On top of ol’ Smokey. A mix of cloud and smoke from forest fires made for spectacular sunsets, but hazy night time viewing at this year’s MKSP.

I made my 25th consecutive trip to the Mt. Kobau Star Party last August. Although there wasn’t much stargazing to be had this year, I still had a great time. Here are a few pictures of the event.

The flats

The lower flats observing area.

Being a mountain top, level, open spaces are at a premium on Kobau. The area known as “the flats” is popular with the RV crowd for obvious reasons. The brave (or foolish) camp on the summit and the rest of the observers spread out along the road that winds to the top.

View to the southeast

Looking towards the southeast.

Kobau is an amazing place with wonderful vistas in nearly every direction. Indeed, part of the attraction of the star party is simply the setting. If you love sage and scenery (and I do), then the trip is worthwhile even if you don’t get much stargazing done.

There’s also a lot of comradery, which is an important part of the experience. “See you next year,” is the favourite parting.

To find out more about the star party, stop by the MKSP web site.

Red sunset

Smoke from the valley below produces another vivid sunset